What can I expect when I arrive at the arena?

    • When you arrive to the arena, the on-ice user must arrive and leave fully dressed.  A small duffel bag will be permitted to carry skates, gloves, water bottle and helmet.  Goalies may arrive and leave with their base layer, socks and hockey pants on.  They will be permitted to bring a bag with the rest of their gear to put on in facility.
    • Facility users must line up outside their respective entrance doors keeping the 6 ft./2 m.
    • A representative from your association will open the entrance door 20 minutes prior to the rental time.  They will have all on ice users and their guardian line up and register for the rental time.  The ice user will then be assigned a dressing room, and the ice user’s guardian will be directed to the viewing area.  
    • Players will proceed to the designated dressing rooms.   Within each dressing room there will be stations clearly marked.
    • If your child needs assistance with tying their skates, stations have been placed in the warm viewing areas for skate tying only.   These stations will be sanitized after each rental.  Parents are not allowed in the dressing rooms to maintain social distancing protocols.
    • Once the Ice Resurfacer has left the ice, ice users will hear an additional buzzer signaling they may proceed from their dressing room station onto the ice surface.  Please refrain from congregating prior to stepping on the ice.
    • Once the rental has ended, users will have 15 minutes to vacate the facility.  Proceed to your dressing room station, remove skates and wait for Township staff to indicate you may exit the dressing room.  
    • Please exit through the same door you entered.
    • No outside food or drink will be permitted.

    Can I drop my child off and leave the arena?

    • Guardians/parents must register their child with the association 20 minutes prior to the designated ice time.
    • Guardians/parents are not able to leave and then re-enter the facility once participant is on the ice surface.

    Can I watch my child participate on the ice?

    • Only one adult/parent will be allowed into the facility with the participant.  
    • Parents/accompanying spectators must stay in their respective spectating area, wear a face covering at all times and stay away from the dressing rooms and playing surfaces unless required to support players.
    • All participants will be expected to follow directional arrows, signage and instruction from facility staff when moving throughout the facility.
    • Physical distancing guidelines must be followed

    Where should I park?

    • At the Sportsplex, users of Pad A should park in the front parking lot.  
    • Pad B users will park in the rear parking lot.

    How many skaters can be on an ice surface?

    There is a maximum of 25 people total allowed per group per playing area. This includes players, goalies and coaches.

    Will there be access to water bottle filling stations?

     No, you must arrive with your water bottle filled already.  Water fountains and water bottle fill stations will not be available for use.

    Will the Township offer public skates or shinny?

    • The focus on return to play for the local minor sport organizations has been the priority for phase 1 of opening Township ice surfaces.   A phased approach will allow for staff to adjust as needed to ensure facility limits are met.
    • Private rentals, adult leagues, parent and tot programs, shinny and public skates are all part of future phases.