The Township of Centre Wellington is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents. One of the key areas of concern for residents in the Township has been road safety within residential neighborhoods.

In October 2023 a recommendation was supported by the Township’s Council to implement 40 km/hr speed limit pilot program in an urban neighborhood in Centre Wellington.

Staff reviewed potential neighborhoods for the pilot program, and the area selected for this program is the York Street East neighborhood between Waterloo Street and Bridge Street in Elora.

In the Spring of 2024, the Township will initiate an education and outreach program for the pilot study, and new 40 km/hr signage will be installed in the neighborhood. Township staff will study the impacts of reduced speed limits in this neighborhood and report back to Council in late 2024 with findings and future recommendations.

Speeding Concern Submission Form

If you have a concern about speeding on a particular street in Centre Wellington, report it to us. Speeding concerns received from members of the public undergo a comprehensive review to identify and confirm each concern annually at the end of April. Appropriate actions will be taken to improve driver and pedestrian safety when a concern has been confirmed.