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In June 2023, staff retained R.J. Burnside and Associates to develop a Municipal Downtown Parking Strategy. The goal of the strategy, focused specifically on the downtown areas in Elora and Fergus, is to make recommendations related to the location and supply of parking, financial aspects of parking operations, parking standards and policies and an implementation plan that supports the vision for the downtowns to be vibrant, viable, innovative, walkable, and accessible destinations that offer unique opportunities and experiences for all people.

The purpose of the study is to create a comprehensive and forward-thinking parking strategy that will address the challenges and opportunities of parking in Centre Wellington.

Parking plays a crucial role in our everyday lives, whether it's when we're visiting our favorite local shops, exploring the beauty of our natural attractions such as the Elora Gorge, or simply enjoying the sense of community that makes Centre Wellington so special. However, as our Township grows and thrives, so does the demand for parking. The objective of this municipal parking strategy is to develop a well-rounded and sustainable plan that optimizes parking resources, promotes efficient mobility options, and fosters a dynamic and inviting environment for everyone.

Study Areas

The focus of the study is downtown Fergus and downtown Elora.

Draft Municipal Downtown Parking Strategy

On Monday, February 26, 2024, Council received for information the Municipal Downtown Parking Strategy Report. Council directed staff to execute the proposed parking implementation plan for 2024.

Staff will bring a report back to Council in conjunction with the 2025 Budget process that will bring forward the Municipal Downtown Parking Strategy for Council adoption and outline parking implementation recommendations for beyond 2024.

2024 Implementation

  • Parking enforcement services
  • Shuttle operation services
  • Joint use agreements for use of private parking spaces (i.e. Raceway)
  • Transitioning to enforcement administration outside of the County structure.

Municipal Downtown Parking Strategy Final Report – Recommendations to Council, June 2024

The Township is a fast-growing community, experiencing significant population and employment growth. Fergus and Elora are highly attractive and popular destinations that boast a vibrant mix of commercial activities. With 1200 cultural assets, including 132 festivals and events, the Township experiences a significant influx of visitors, particularly during the summer months and into October. Due to population growth and an increase in tourism, there is a higher demand for parking in the downtowns to accommodate the surge in traffic volume.

Existing and Future Parking Conditions

A review of the Township’s existing parking policies and system characteristics was undertaken by RJ Burnside. Future parking demand and supply were forecasted for the 2030 and 2041 horizon years. This forecasting approach took into consideration future housing and employment forecasts, general growth of the downtowns, and zoning and land use policies.

The existing parking assessment indicated that during the peak hours:

  • Elora currently requires more parking supply to meet the existing demand at desirable service levels.
  • Fergus currently has sufficient parking supply to meet the existing demand at desirable service levels.

The future parking assessment indicated that in Fergus:

  • By 2030, there is sufficient supply to meet anticipated demand at desirable service levels.
  • By 2041, demand will exceed supply.

The future parking assessment indicated that in Elora by 2030, demand will exceed supply.

Have a Say!

What are your thoughts about paid parking in Centre Wellington? Based on the recommendations brought forward by the consultant, we want to know how you feel about paid parking in Downtown Elora and Fergus.

To meet parking supplies, the consultant also recommended that multi-level parking structures be considered.

Please take a moment and share your thoughts with us!