The Township is developing a new multi-department Operations Centre in Fergus using a phased project approach. This will enable the Township to continue to effectively deliver services to meet the increasing needs of our growing community. The Operations Centre will be located on the newly acquired 20-acre parcel of land at 965 Gartshore Street, Fergus as illustrated on the map below. The Operations Centre will be built in 2 Phases.

Phase 1 of the facility will include building the exterior works yard and outdoor operations areas, the garage buildings including heated and unheated storage bays, workshop space, maintenance bays, 2 greenhouses and constructing the full office areas to accommodate space needs for the next 20 years.

Phase 2 of the facility includes additions to the heated and unheated garage areas, a salt storage and brine mixing facility with indoor loading and 2 additional greenhouses.

The new Operations Centre would include space for staff, vehicles, and equipment for the following departments:

  • Public Works
  • Water Services
  • Engineering
  • Planning and Development
  • Source Water Protection
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Forestry
  • Information Technology
  • Archives and Records Storage

Map showing the 965 Gartshore St., Fergus site location:

Site Development Study

Through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, the Township hired RDH Architects Inc. to complete the Site Development Study. This included the various survey’s, studies and reports required to support the construction of the Operations Centre. Through this process, the property was rezoned from Agricultural to Institutional to allow for the construction of the Operations Centre. As well, a conceptual design of the facility was completed which is included below. A copy of the Site Development Study report is attached.

Current Stage - Operations Centre Site Development

Currently the Township is working on preparing an RFP to retain the Construction Manager along with the Design team for the project. We anticipate having this RFP out in March to allow for the design phase to commence by late April. It is anticipated that the design phase will continue into late 2024 followed by a tender call for the construction of the Operations Centre.


The key milestones along with the anticipated timelines are as follows:

  • Issue RFP to retain the Construction Manager and Design Team – March 2024
  • Details Design – April to December 2024
  • Demolition of existing structures – Summer 2024
  • Site grading and servicing – Summer/Fall 2024
  • Issue tender for the construction of the Operations Centre – December 2024
  • Building Construction – Early 2025 to Late 2026/early 2027

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