Construction Update - May 8, 2024

  • Construction will commence on Monday, May 13.
  • Detour maps can be found under "St. David Reconstruction Images" to the right of the page
  • St. Andrew Street will remain open for east-to-west traffic for the duration of the project

“Creating a vibrant, safe, and accessible corridor in Centre Wellington”

The design team for the St. David Street Reconstruction Project has completed the detailed design and issued a request for construction tender on February 26, 2024. Once the contract has been successfully awarded, the contractor will mobilize to begin Phase 1 of the project in Spring of 2024. The detour has been added to the document section on the right-hand side of this page.

The first phase of construction in 2024 will take place in the block just north of the St. Andrew Street intersection, to just north of the Garafraxa Street intersection. A second phase of construction will begin in 2025, which will focus on the block from Garafraxa St. to Edinburgh Ave. The project is scheduled to be substantially completed by the end of 2025, with some finishing works (i.e. surface asphalt paving and final landscaping) being finalized in 2026. Detours have been established for both phases of construction, and detailed information on the detours and construction schedule will be provided to residents and businesses prior to the start of Phase 1 construction in 2024.

Enbridge has started gas mainline upgrades, with an anticipated completion date of April 2024.

Finalized drawings issued for a construction tender request and detour plans have been added to the document section on the right-hand side of this page.

The Township of Centre Wellington had been selected for funding through the Ministry of Transportation’s 2023-24 Connecting Links Program, with a contribution of $2,849,176 toward the reconstruction of St. David Street North from St. Andrew Street to Edinburgh Avenue in Fergus.

Through the Township of Centre Wellington's 2022 Asset Management Plan, the St. David Street North reconstruction project was identified as a priority project which is needed to replace aging infrastructure that is at or near the end of its service life.

The project is a full reconstruction of St. David Street North, from St. Andrew Street to Edinburgh Avenue, and involves the replacement of municipal underground infrastructure, including the watermain and sanitary sewer, as well as modifications to the storm sewer. In addition, the project includes full road and sidewalk replacement, incorporation of traffic calming measures, signalized intersection upgrades, new controlled pedestrian crossing at St. George Street, third-party utility relocation, and the incorporation of active transportation facilities.

The project will be completed in two (2) phases:

  • Phase 1: St. Andrew Street to just north of the Garafraxa Street intersection (Construction 2024)
    • Enbridge is scheduled to complete gas mainline upgrades in February to April 2024.
  • Phase 2: Just north of the Garafraxa Street intersection to Edinburgh Avenue (Construction 2025)
  • In 2026, the contractor will install surface asphalt and pavement markings.

Design Considerations

Important items that were considered as part of this project include:

  • Ensuring that the street is designed, constructed, operated, and maintained for all users and all modes of travel, in accordance with the Township’s Transportation Master Plan.
  • Ensuring that the roadway meets or exceeds all applicable safety and design standards.
  • Identifying opportunities to encourage walking and cycling, in accordance with the Township’s Council Strategic Plan 2019-2022.
  • Exploring traffic calming opportunities to encourage drivers to reduce their rate of speed.
  • Supporting downtown Fergus businesses by ensuring that patrons can access establishments by vehicle, foot, and bike.
  • Including benches, decorative streetlights, and new trees that add to the visual appeal of the streetscape.


Opportunities/ Constraints:

  • Improves walking and cycling.
  • Separated cycling lanes are justified given average daily traffic volumes and mix of heavy vehicle traffic (per Provincial Standards).
  • Opportunity to add benches, decorative streetlights, and new trees.
  • Reduction in vehicle lane width could result in positive changes to driver behaviour (ex. reduced average travel speeds).
  • Reduction in frequently used on-street parking spaces (from 14 spaces to 4).

View the survey responses from the St. David Street Reconstruction Option survey that was available for comment from March 3-30, 2021.

We Want to Hear from You!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the project, please contact one of the Project Team members:

Karol Czerwonka (Township Project Manager, Township of Centre Wellington)
519-846-9691 ext. 302

David Donaldson, P.Eng. (Consultant Project Manager, Triton Engineering Services Limited)
519-843-3920 ext. 232