The Project

The Township of Centre Wellington has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study for the required upgrades to the Union Street Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) to meet the demands of future development areas. This assessment will consider numerous SPS and/or collection system upgrade alternatives with the catchment area (refer to Study Area map) in order to identify the preferred location for a larger SPS with increased capacity. The Study Area for this assessment is shown below:

The Study Process

This Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study is being carried out in accordance with the requirements as outlined in the Municipal Engineers Association’s Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) document (March 2023). This study will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of a Schedule B study. This study will confirm proposed future flows given current development forecasts and identify necessary upgrades along with a preferred location for the upgrade Sewage Pumping Station.

Consultation Plan

A key component of the MCEA process is consultation with members of the public, external agencies, and Indigenous Communities. The following consultation activities are being carried out as part of this Study process:

  • Creation of a webpage on providing project details, notices, technical resources and updates;
  • Virtual Public Information Centres (PIC) are planned throughout the course of the project to present key aspects of the process and obtain public input. Details of the PICs will be advertised in the Wellington Advertiser and on closer to the date;
  • Update to Township Council following the PIC
  • Advertisements of all project notices in the Wellington Advertiser.


If you have any questions or comments at this time or if you would like to receive future notices for this study via email, please contact one of the Project Team Members identified below:

Ryan Maiden, P.Eng (Water and Wastewater Capital Project Manager, Township of Centre Wellington)

519-846-9691 (Ex. 259) /

Gemma Charlebois, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. (Technical Manager, Water/Wastewater, MTE Consultants Inc.)

519-743-6500 (Ex. 1227) /