The County and member municipalities are currently in the process of reviewing urban boundary expansion requests that were submitted by our deadline for municipalities that were determined to need more land through our Land Needs Assessment (LNA).

The County’s urban boundary expansion review process is detailed in Planning Committee Report PD2024-08 County Official Plan Review - Urban Boundary Expansion Review and PD2024-08 Urban Boundary Expansion Review Framework.

In January of 2023, Council authorized Township staff to retain Watson and Associates to complete a Community Land Needs Assessment that would assess alternative greenfield and intensification targets for Centre Wellington. The approved project plan calls for the assessment of four density and intensification scenarios to determine how the Land Needs Assessment prepared on behalf of the County of Wellington would be affected by alternative scenarios. In addition, the review considers the impact of the proposed South Fergus Secondary Plan on the findings of the County of Wellington Land Needs Assessment. Watson and Associates presented the draft findings to Council on November 14m 2023. The presentation can be found in the documents tab to the right of this page.

County of Wellington Plan Review - Land Needs Assessment